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The personal data of users visiting the internet site is only used with their consent, for example as reported to Sampo plc by themselves. Unless otherwise stipulated, Sampo plc will not transfer personal information to third parties without the user's consent. Different terms of use and privacy protection practices may apply to certain services available through the internet site.

If the user sends material to Sampo plc for example by e-mail or through the internet site, the user confirms that the material they are sending is not illegal or otherwise unfit for publication.


Websites use cookies in order to e.g. improve user experience by enabling the website to remember the user. The cookie can be set either for the duration of the user’s visit or for repeat visit. Cookies generally improve their experience by letting the user navigate between pages efficiently and store their preferences.

A cookie is a text file that is stored on the user’s computer or mobile device by a website’s server. Only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. The cookies cannot identify the user nor do they enable the viewing of data held on the user’s computer.

The cookies on Sampo’s website are used for personalized user experience (My Report), performance and improvement. Sampo does not sell any information collected by cookies.

Embedded content and sharing

Sampo embeds video content from YouTube. When visiting a page containing embedded video content, the user may be presented with cookies from YouTube.

The site’s share buttons enable sharing content through social networks. When clicking on these buttons, a cookie may be set by the chosen service.

Sampo does not control these cookies.

Managing cookies

It is possible to block some or all cookies. The user can also delete cookies that have already been set but some functions of the site might be lost.

If the user does not want to receive cookies, the browser can be modified so that it notifies the user when cookies are sent. Cookies can also be refused altogether. If the user wishes to restrict or block web browser cookies, it can be done through browser settings.

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