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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring the statutory auditing and reporting process of the financial statements and consolidated financial statements, and for overseeing the veracity of Sampo Group's financial statements and the financial reporting process.

The Committee also oversees the actions of the auditor under the laws of Finland and monitors the auditor’s invoicing for audit and non-audit services as deemed appropriate. Furthermore, the Audit Committee is responsible for evaluating the auditor’s and auditing firm's independence and particularly their provision of related services to Sampo Group, and for preparing proposals to the Annual General Meeting concerning the auditor’s election and his fee.

The Committee also monitors the efficiency of the Group's internal control, internal audit and risk management systems, and monitors the Group's risks and the quality and scope of risk management. In addition, the Committee approves internal audit’s annual action plan, monitors internal audit's reporting, monitors the fulfillment of risk policies, the use of limits and the development of profit in various business areas, oversees the preparation of and compliance with risk management policies and other guidelines within the scope of Audit Committee’s activities, and reviews the description of the main features of the internal control and risk management systems pertaining to the financial reporting process, which is included in the company's Corporate Governance Statement.

The Committee also evaluates the compliance with laws and regulations in Sampo Group, monitors significant litigations of Group companies, and executes any other duties that may be bestowed upon it by the Board.

According to its Charter, the Committee comprises at least three members elected from among those Board members who do not hold executive positions in Sampo and are independent of the company and of which at least one is independent of Sampo’s major shareholders. Also participating in the meetings of the Committee are the Responsible Auditor, Group CEO, Group CFO, CFO of the most significant subsidiary, Group Chief Audit Executive, the member of the Group Executive Committee responsible for risk control and Group Chief Risk Officer.

In 2014, the Chairman of the Audit Committee was Anne Brunila, and the other members were Jannica Fagerholm, Adine Grate Axén and Per Arthur Sørlie. Also participating in the meetings were the Auditor's representative, Group CEO, Group CFO, CFO of If P&C, Group Chief Risk Officer and Group Chief Audit Executive.

The Audit Committee convened four times in 2014 and the attendance of members at the meetings was 100 per cent.

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