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Insider Administration

Given the nature of Sampo's business areas, especially bearing in mind their extensive investment activities, Sampo's Board of Directors has approved a separate Group Guideline for Insiders. These comply, as required by the Corporate Governance Code, with Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd's Guidelines for Insiders and the Standards of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Sampo Group's Guidelines for Insiders are stricter than the above-mentioned norms on matters that concern the Group Executive Committee, other corporate executives and other specifically named persons, as these persons must obtain a separate written permission in advance for each share related securities transaction they make with the securities of Sampo plc or any of Sampo’s publicly listed subsidiary or affiliate company (currently Nordea AB (publ.) and Topdanmark A/S).

Sampo plc's insider guidelines and register may be viewed on Sampo's website.

Sampo plc's insider register (

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